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A dramatic concert staging of Beethoven's Fidelio…

This romantic melodrama, inspired by a true story from the French Revolution, speaks to our times with its themes of isolation, liberty and humanity. Fidelio is actually Leonore, a noblewoman disguised as a boy in search of her husband, Florestan, who has been unjustly imprisoned by tyrannical political opponent Don Pizarro. Fidelio secures a job as a prison guard and sets in motion a chain of events in which she must risk everything to save her husband’s life…

Conducted by Mark Wigglesworth, a 33-piece orchestra and 24-strong chorus accompany an impressive cast of internationally-renowned singers including Rachel Nicholls, Toby Spence, Robert Hayward and Brindley Sherratt. The powerful and poignant music includes highlights such as the moving Prisoners’ Chorus and the thrilling trumpet call as the drama reaches its climax.

Recorded and livestreamed from Leeds Town Hall in December 2020, this production is available to rent on demand until 8 April 2022.

£15 for 7-day access

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"Deeply engrossing"
★★★★★ — The Telegraph

"A gripping operatic experience"
★★★★★ — The Guardian

"Glorious... this is a Beethoven celebration to relish"
★★★★★ — The Times

“Riveting viewing”
★★★★★ — The Stage

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Cast & Creative

LEONORE: Rachel Nicholls
FLORESTAN: Toby Spence
ROCCO: Brindley Sherratt
JAQUINO: Oliver Johnston
DON PIZARRO: Robert Hayward
PRISONER 1: Stuart Laing
PRISONER 2: James Davies

CONDUCTOR: Mark Wigglesworth
STAGING: Matthew Eberhardt
NARRATION: David Pountney


Two years prior to the opening scene, Florestan, a nobleman, has been secretly imprisoned by his political rival, the villainous Don Pizarro, in the prison over which he is governor.


In a prison, Marzelline, daughter of the jailer, Rocco, rejects the attentions of her father's assistant, Jacquino. Her heart is set instead on the new errand boy, Fidelio. However, ‘Fidelio’ is actually Leonore, a noblewoman who has got a job in the prison disguised as a man in order to rescue her husband, Florestan. When Rocco mentions a man lying near death in the vaults below, Leonore, begs Rocco to take her on his rounds, suspecting this might be him.

Don Pizarro, prison governor, learns that Don Fernando, a government minister, is on his way to investigate rumours of cruelty in the prison, so resolves to kill Florestan himself without delay and orders a grave to be dug. Leonore, overhearing his plan, prays for strength to save her husband. She again begs Rocco to let her accompany him to the condemned man's cell.


Florestan, in the depths of the dungeon, dreams that Leonore arrives to free him. Rocco and Leonore arrive and begin digging the grave, as Don Pizarro has ordered them. Florestan awakens, but does not recognise his wife. Rocco blows on his whistle to signal to Pizarro that all is ready. The governor advances to strike, but Leonore leaps between them, pulls a pistol and reveals her true identity. At this moment Don Fernando arrives, and Rocco explains to him the murderous plot. Pizarro is arrested, all the prisoners are freed and the reunited Florestan and Leonore rejoice.

Rachel Nicholls as Leonore in Fidelio — Richard H Smith


Orchestral reduction by Francis Griffin by arrangement with Pocket Publications Cardiff LLP