Watching a livestream

Ready to watch a livestream?

- If you have already purchased access to a production, log in by clicking the 'Log in' button in the top right hand corner. Select the stream of your choice on the All productions page by clicking the 'Watch Now' button

- If you log in shortly before the livestream starts, you will see the livestream player and a holding screen on the production page. Simply wait until the show starts, and then click on the play button to start the show.

- In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, the stream may be disrupted for a short period of time. If the delay lasts for longer than ten minutes we will contact you via email. If it is less than ten minutes, please be patient with us!

- If you arrive during the performance, you will not be able to rewind.

- At the end of the livestream, the video and the sound will stop. There will then be a break while we prepare the video for ONDemand access. You will then be able to watch it again. This may take up to three hours.

- You can purchase access to a production before, during and after a live show.

- Livestreams you have paid for will be available to you afterwards for a set amount of time. Please see the relevant production page to find out how long you can watch for. There will be a pause of up to three hours between a livestream and the availability of the recording to view on demand.

- Watching after the livestream will look the same and the same instructions for how to watch will apply.

Test your access

Depending on how you choose to view, it may take some time to get things set up. We highly recommend that you run a test to ensure you know what the experience will be like, and that you are ready to enjoy the show.

Making sure you can log in successfully well in advance of a livestream. If you have access to a production you should see ‘You have a ticket’ or 'You have purchased access to this title’ note at the top left hand side of the production page.

Access our test stream. If you can view this video on your chosen device then you should be ready to watch the ONDemand productions you have access to.

Depending on how you plan to watch, it may take a few minutes to get things set up as you’d like, and we want you to be able to make the most of your experience.