Buffering and playing the video


You can change the quality settings on our videos by clicking the HD button at the bottom right corner of the player. If you are experiencing buffering, reduce the quality setting to allow the video to run smoothly.

Video not playing

If you are experiencing issues playing our recorded productions, we suggest you try the following:

- There may be a pause before the beginning of the film. Use the time bar at the bottom of the screen to skip to the start.

- If the time bar at the bottom remains at -00:00 and you are accessing on Chrome, we are aware of an issue with the latest version of this browser and are working to fix this as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvience and ask that you try on an alternative browser such as Firefox or Safari.

- Your browser may have cached an old version of the page. We recommend first trying on an alternative browser such as Firefox or Safari, or clearing the cache on your existing browser. Read more information on how to clear your cache in most major browsers.